Jeramie Perry

If you had said to me 10 years ago that I would be teaching yoga today I would have busted out laughing.The truth is that my wife nagged me for months to go to yoga with her before I finally agreed. I’m a guy that had served in Army National Guard for 8 years as a Cavalry Scout; I’ve played soccer for 35 years andbought my first set of weights when I was 16. I started to compete in running events when I was 33 and have done several half marathons as well as the popular obstacle course running events such as the Tough Mudder. I really thought yoga was just a bunch of stretching for girls. My wife knew of my alpha male ways and decided when I finally agreed to go to yoga to take me to the hardest class she could find.I was hooked instantly.

Just two years after coming to my first class I started my first 200 hr. training at Samadhi Yoga Studio. When my first training was complete there was no doubt I had deepened my practice and I had been given all the tools to teach but I wanted more. I immediately enrolled in another 200 hr. training and spent as much time on my mat as I could. I still play soccer, still run and still lift weights but with adding yoga to the mix I haven’t had the injuries that had plagued me before. My balance, range of motion, flexibility, core strength and agility have all improved as a result of my yoga practice and those are just some of the physical benefits. In my professional life I manage people and the mindfulness, patience and focus I have learned from my yoga practice has made me a better manager. I teach yoga because I believe in it and I want to share it with as many people as possible.