300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training Modules

Advanced Asana Teaching Methodology 1

Advanced Asana Teaching Methodology 2

Pranayama 1                                        

Pranayama 2                                        

Meditation 1                                       

Meditation 2

Expanding Spiritual Justice through Yoga 15 hour Anne/Guest Speaker

Psychology of Yoga

Anatomy and Physiology                  

Kinesiology and Yoga

Subtle Energy Bodies 1

Subtle Energy Bodies 2

Philosophy of Yoga 1

Philosophy of Yoga 2

Business and Ethics of Yoga


Advanced teaching clinics                      

Seva ( teaching off site to community)

Participants choose two elective modules:

Mentoring w/Anne

Yin Yoga Foundations                            

Vinyasa Yoga Foundations                    

Restorative Yoga Foundation               

Ayurvedic Influences in Yoga                  

Trauma Yoga